Saturday, November 3, 2007

To Begin

If you like to make things. This is for you. If you like to make things after carefully reading the instructions. This is maybe less for you. If you see something in a store or catalog and say "I think I can make one of those" (with the sort of breezy confidence that comes from having no idea how one of those is actually made). This is for you.

I am off to Canton, TX today. Canton is the home of the largest flea market in the United States, it is part garage sale, part craft fair, part who-knows-what-else.

You, dear reader, will get to hear about it right here.

Future posts will include, how to make your own yogurt, how to reupholster a chair, and what happens when you try to make a paper-mache horse that is about half life size.

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Susan said...

sitemeter says that 3.4% of your traffic is coming from canada.