Sunday, November 18, 2007

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This...

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Ok, here's the deal. Go to the dollar store, the craft store, the closet, where ever, and get some straight sided clear glass votive holders. Go to the party store, (or the kitchen drawer) and get some napkins with a print you like.
Separate the extra ply layer of the napkin. Spread Mod Podge, or a similar glue, or acrylic medium on the outside of the glass, and carefully apply the napkin. Trim napkin so only a small edge will wrap over the top and bottom edges of the votive holder. Make sure those are stuck down well, then allow the whole thing to dry. Mod Podge even comes in an outdoor formula, so you could use these outside.
You can also do this with fabric, but, it is a cool way to save a really cute printed napkin that you have leftover from a gathering. Mine are a very cute vintage cowboy print.